Mix Colors When Buying Women’s Business Suits


Buy two suits that match each-other when you plan a business wardrobe. You maximize your fashion budget if you can interchange the suit jackets and the suit pants. Carefully choose two colors that can be interchanged, for example a black suit and a gray suit; or a tan suit and a brown suit. Also, make sure that the fabrics work well with each-other, not just the colors. After you bought the first suit, bring it with you when you shop for the second one, to match them up. Or just be very sure the store has a good return policy. This way you get four stylish women’s business suits for the price of two. And you don’t look like you are wearing the same suit all the time – because you’re not.

~ by careerfashion on March 4, 2008.

One Response to “Mix Colors When Buying Women’s Business Suits”

  1. light gray and a dark gray are the other option for that.
    but before buying you must compare the grays because all grays are not same .some are with brown an green mix.

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