Accessorize Suits With Scarves

2008-mar-5-banana-republic-8-2.jpg2008-mar-5-banana-republic-5-2.jpgScarf tucked into suit jacket. Brooks Brothers

Here are a few examples on how to wear scarves with suits. Liven up a basic business suit with a short, colorful scarf tied loosely around the neck (but still wear a necklace or chain under it). Or wear a scarf in knot tightly around the neck, tuck it down into the suit  jacket for a more conservative, and perhaps a bit strict, look. With a long scharf, tie it to the strap of your purse or bag, and let it trail gracefully behind you as you walk down the street.

Accessories are an important element of your image. After you’ve gotten dressed, look yourself over in the mirror and see what can be added to your outfit, to make a more complete impression.

~ by careerfashion on March 7, 2008.

One Response to “Accessorize Suits With Scarves”

  1. I like the second exaple and love the third one!

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