Hillary Clinton Wore Red And Black In Ohio

Hillary Clinton in Ohio wearing red and black suit Photo by Carla Marie WeirAnn Taylor red suit 3 Ann Taylor red and black suit 4Ann Taylor red and black suit 2

While visiting Ohio, Hillary Clinton wore a great combination of red and black. A very striking look. Here are some pictures with suggestions for red and black women’s suits from Ann Taylor. Some days you feel like wearing all red, some days you feel like wearing all black. But you can also mix match suits, switching the jackets over the skirts. If you make sure the suits match each other when you buy them, you now get more milage with your fashion budget since you now have four outfits instead of two.

 (Hillary photo from http://tryingtounderstandtheworldaroundme.blogspot.com/)

~ by careerfashion on March 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Wore Red And Black In Ohio”

  1. Hi! I’m blogging about Hillary and the color red in feng shui and will link back to your post as it shows exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks! Katy fengshuibyfishgirl.com

  2. […] is a powerful color and a mood lifter. Red grabs attention whether it’s worn in a power tie, a Hillary Clinton pantsuit, or a Sarah Palin lipstick. Try this: next time you wake up feeling so-so, go for the bright red […]

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