Top 5 Growing Job Markets – Dress For The Interview

suit with green blouse Banana Republicblack suit with white blouse Ann Taylorjacket with skirt Banana Republicblack skirt suit Ellen Tracy

We all have reason to be optimistic, as some sectors continue to grow despite slow economy. The health care industry grew by 36,000 jobs last month, and Uncle Sam is looking to hire 200,000 employees, according to Fox News. The top 5 growing job markets are #1 Salt Lake City, UT, #2 Wichita, KS, #3 Austin, TX, #4 Atlanta, GA, and #5 Fort Worth, TX.

So what professional clothes should you wear to the job interview? Don’t dress to casual for the interview. If you aren’t sure what level of professionalism your interview outfit should be, keep in mind that it’s always better to over-dress, than to under-dress. You won’t be criticized for being too well dressed. Wear a professional pant suit or skirt suit, with a  pressed blouse. It’s tried and true, and can’t go wrong. If it turns out that this place of work allows casual work clothes, you can always wear that later when you start the job. But the interview is your only chance to make that first impression, so don’t under-dress for it. Here are some examples with suits and blouses from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Bloomingdale’s.

~ by careerfashion on March 12, 2008.

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