Silda Spitzer Dealing With A Black And White Issue?

Silda Spitzer in white suit

Silda Spitzer seems to be having a hard time right now, but the issue may not be as black and white as the media makes it seem. Having a political marriage doesn’t give people more right to gossip about you. Having trouble with your marriage is no fun, but when media and neighbors gossip about your marriage, it’s even worse. Let’s let Silda have some privacy with her family affairs and instead participate in a more harmless form of gossip – like what clothes she wears. 

In this photo Silda Spitzer wears a white pant suit with a black top.  The black top underneath makes a dramitic contrast. She accessorized it with a pearl necklace where the pearls are spaced on a delicate chain. Wearing all white can give a soft look, but contrasting the white with black changes it completely. Black and white together creates a much more dramatic presence.

Photo by DragonFlyEye

~ by careerfashion on March 14, 2008.

One Response to “Silda Spitzer Dealing With A Black And White Issue?”

  1. The stand by your man routine may work well politically but you have to wonder how these women feel on the inside. How comes they never leave?

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