The Right Jacket For Casual Work Clothes

short caual jacketshort casual jacket White House Black Marketshort casual jacket H & M

How do you make a casual work outfit look more professional? With the right jacket.

When you are dressed down with casual pants and a casual top, it gives a much more professional look to the whole ensemble if you put on a short jacket, and keep it on the whole day. That cute, short, casual jacket, even though very informal, gives a much more organized impression. That’s how you can get away with wearing jeans and not looking too casual. Check out the photo above with the jeans and the white tank top – just because there is a nice jacket to complete the look, it takes away that dress-down feel and gives it a more professional image. Go through all the casual work outfits in your closet and plan out which jackets you are going to wear with them.

(These jackets from H & M, and White House Black Market.)

~ by careerfashion on March 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Right Jacket For Casual Work Clothes”

  1. i like the fist one. its simple but fabulous! how to avail it? thank you!

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