Professional Shoes: Is The Open Toe Shoe Appropriate?

open toe shoe Nine West 2open toe shoe 1open toe shoe Nine West 3

Is it ok to wear open toe shoes with business attire? Yes, it is! Some years ago that would have been considered inappropriate, however, times are changing. The open toe shoe is really in right now (like the round toe shoe) and if the rest of the outfit is business-like and suitably accessorized, it is acceptable even in a pretty conservative work situations. If you are in doubt, try the shoe on with the suit itself, because sometimes you won’t get the full impression of how the shoe will work with a professional women’s business suit until you see them together. It’s all about the complete look.

Slingback shoes are pushing it, though. (The slingbacks are in the last photo.) Don’t wear them if you are meeting a client for the first time. And don’t forget to do your pedicure before you introduce your toes to the world.

 (These shoes from Nine West.)

~ by careerfashion on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “Professional Shoes: Is The Open Toe Shoe Appropriate?”

  1. I would like to add one comment about wearing open toes in a business environment. Remember that you should be cognizant of safety just in case you need to walk into a commercial kitchen or a research & development lab (with chemicals or equipment). This has happened to me when I did not expect to enter these areas during the work day but I do keep a spare pair on hand just in case.

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