Hillary Clinton Owes Her Pant Suits To Yves Saint Laurent


YvesSaint Laurent passed two days ago, away leaving us a legacy of great fashion.  He really changed the world he left behind, with his ideas.  Among other things, he is credited with popularizing the pant suit for women. Yves was a pioneer in giving men’s clothing a feminin elegant cut. He defyed the rules of fashion by designing classy pant suits, which define how today’s busniness women dress. Alot of the trends we still follow for women’s bussiness attire were set by Yves in the early 60′ies.

Does Hillary Clinton think of Yves Saint Laurent as she gets dressed in the morning? Well, the pant suit concept that defines much of her style was brought to us by Yves.

~ by careerfashion on June 3, 2008.

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