Casual Work Clothes – Jeans With Suit Jacket

The crisp, white blouse makes the jeans ok for casual work outfit.

Jeans and denim skirt with classy suit jackets.

Can you wear jeans to work? Depends on your company – some companies have “casual Friday” which allows you to break the corporate dress code on the last day of the week. But still, you have to do it with style. If you want to wear casual work clothes, trying to make a somewhat more professional look out of a pair of jeans, I’ll tell you the secret – it’s all about the jacket.

Put on a pair of jeans (not ripped or torn of course) and a nice top, then go through the business suits in your closet and see what suit jackets go with it. Take one of your professional pant suits and make it into “jeans suit” by wearing the jacket with jeans. Denim is traditionally considered unprofessional, but if you work in a place that allows jeans, or if your company has “casual Friday”, then dress your jeans up with a proper and stylish professional jacket. If you add a crisp white blouse with collar to it, it will look very proper indeed. These are some tips in re-working women’s business suits into cute casual jeans outfits.

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(These outfits above form Ann Taylor and White House Black Market.)

~ by careerfashion on July 21, 2008.

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  2. I really like the skirt with lock necklace outfit. I have work days that mix work where I might be in dirty places and need ideas to incorporate denim. I just need to get some tweed looking jackets? Thanks for the postings

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