Should The Blouse Be Tucked In, Or Stick Out?


Just how far do we go with the tops and blouses sticking out from underneath the suit jacket? When is it OK, and when is it not? Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn’t. Here below are some guiding examples for women’s business fashion 2008:

  These two pant suits are OK with the blouse untucked. The amount that it sticks out is just right – not too long and it sits straight and neat. The orange top harmonizes with the brown suit, and almost becomes an accessory, of sorts. With the off white pant suit the print top breaks off in a pleasing contrast. It adds interest and it looks planned.

   This outfit does NOT look good with blouse hanging out. It’s too long for the jacket. It sticks out too much, and it just looks sloppy and unpolished.

   Compare these two images of the same gray business suit with a basic white blouse. Tucking it in definitely looks best. With this type of blouse it just looks like you left the house in a hurry when it is sticking out. The effect of the blouse sticking out under the suit jacket does not add anything of interest to the look, and it does not look planned (it just looks messy).

~ by careerfashion on July 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “Should The Blouse Be Tucked In, Or Stick Out?”

  1. I was wondering what the rule of thumb is for the collar on a bouse when worn with a suit; does one wear it under or out of the jacket. I’d appreciate some help. If it is cool in April 50’s or less can I wear a turtle neck in a soft pink? Pictures would be great. This is a great website.

  2. Thank-you for the help. I didn’t receive it before I needed to go to the event so went with my gut and wore it out as the picture showed and I thought it looked great.
    I decided against the turtleneck but it would have looked alright too. I felt the crisp shirt I chose was more appropriate.
    Thanks for the reply though and pictures.
    In the future if I need fashion advice I’ll look here.

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