Choosing The Right Blouse For A Pinstripe Suit


This is a navy women’s business suit with a small light blue pinstripe (a power color). It is worn with a light blue blouse that matches the color of the pinstripe. Some stores have blouses that match their suits, they planned it into their collection. But sometimes you have to go to another store to find nice blouses that match the pinstripe. It is worth the trip. Hold the blouse close to the business suit to match it up. (This suit from Georgiou.)


Here we have a black business suit with a wide pinstripe in a purple tone. Here we have chosen a purple blouse in a shade darker than the pinstripe – and also a lavender blouse in a shade lighter than the stripe in the suit. Both work. If you can’t find the exact shade, just play around with blouses in shades that are close enough to the pinstripe color. Some business women just wear white blouses with everything, and while that doesn’t look bad, it will enhance your professional attire if you can find a blouse in a color that matches the pinstripe. (This suit from BCBG.)

~ by careerfashion on August 7, 2008.

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