Katie Holms In Professional Blouse And Gray Slacks

Here Katie Holmes wears a nicely pressed navy suit blouse with gray slacks. This photo is from when she had a bob cut, recently she changed her hair style to a pixie cut. This type of basic blouse is so comfortable and easy to wear. It’s classy and never goes out of style. It goes with so many things – slacks, skirts, jeans. It can be dressed up with business attire, or it can be dressed down with jeans or casual work clothes. It can let you escape and be right in the middle when you can’t decide what you want to be (dressed up or down). This is a mainstay and a staple which every woman should have several of – at least a cuple of white blouses and then two or three in colors. They form, of sorts, a foundation in your wardrobe.

These gray slacks are also a staple that form the basic foundation in your wardrobe. Most women have at least one pair of black slacks to match up with various tops. But you should also have a pair of gray separate pants that come in handy, as they are a neutral that can be worn with almost everything, but not quite so black, if you know what I mean. Black pants is the first basic, gray pants is the second basic. Having these as a part of your wardrobe foundation, you can then get creative and build on with other unique garments. And doesn’t she look great?

(photo from davidouss Series-blog.fr)

~ by careerfashion on August 10, 2008.

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