Black Skirt Suits: Is This A Power Color?

Is black considered a power color? When choosing a business suit, consider where you are going, whom you are going to meet, and what impression you want to make. Lighter colors, or neutrals like beige, tan, and light gray women’s suits are considered approachable. Darker colors, like navy, burgundy, dark brown, dark gray, and of course black, give a more authorative impression. It has nothing to do with professional image; if it’s a good quality, nicely pressed pant suit or skirt suit that fits you well, then it definitaley fits within the rules of business attire. The color is your choice in how you want to be perceived. Black is definitaley a power color, whether it’s a pant suit or a skirt suit. We shouldn’t wear black every single day, but every woman should have at least a couple of them.

~ by careerfashion on August 18, 2008.

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