See Hillary Clinton Accessorize Her Suit With Jewery

Check out Hillary Clinton in this turquoise suit jacket. The jewelry she chose for it is just smashing. This multi-strand necklace goes with the jacket so perfectly. One may wonder if she bought them together, or if she had to scout around mall after mall to find the perfect match. Knowing how busy she is, she probably didn’t have time for that. Maybe she bought it on-line, who knows.

Hillary’s pant suits are so famous – you may have noticed how the shade of her top is often the same as the jacket and the pants. Here she has matched up the necklace in the same tone of turquoise as her brocade suit jacket. This lady has a nack for matching up colors (or her stylist does).  Her earrings are not a set with the necklace, but they are a slightly different shade of turquoise. Jewelry doesn’t always have to be in matching sets, as long as they form a complete image with the rest of the outfit. (Photo by IBHMC)

~ by careerfashion on August 26, 2008.

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  1. good info!!

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