Sarah Palin In Red Power Suit

A new lady who’s fashion to follow: see Sarah Palin’s style in this red power suit. Who would have thought the Governor of Alaska would be announced as McCain’s running mate? Well, considering this ex-beauty queen won Miss Alaska in 1984, it might be worth while to pay attention to her business outfits. She has the art of wearing women’s business suits down to a fine science. She is often seen in a plain pant suit in a power color with a basic blouse in a contrasting color. But here we have her in a turtleneck under her red business suit. Alaska is a cold state – perhaps that influences her choice of business attire somewhat. Red and black is dramatic, and it always catches attention. We’ll pay close attention to her professional clothes, and report more about it in upcomming blog posts.

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~ by careerfashion on August 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sarah Palin In Red Power Suit”

  1. My admirations to Sarah Palin, my respects. A women for all of us to look up to.


  2. not to mention her red stilletos and while we were watching the post acceptance of her nomination, the media was showing clips of her gubernatorial duties at work. there was one clip that caught my attention, she was wearing a silk suit in dark grey that has a collar as high as her hair. it was in good taste though and very elegant. there are probably snapshots of her in that suit somewhere. i should have taken a picture.

    thanks for visiting my site.

  3. i forgot, when she wore her 3/4 sleeved simple grey blouse in her acceptance speech, she had light brown pearls just above the neckline. it was a nice tone on tone with her suit/blouse.


  4. […] blue seems “safer” than, say, red. Red says Sarah Palin (how often was she photographed in red suits?), or maybe even McCain’s face when Obama won (from anger, not […]

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