Sarah Palin In Black Pant Suit With Red Blouse

It seems to be a recurring theme in her style – a black pant suit with a red basic blouse. We have been watching Sarah Palin’s style a bit. Considering she was once a model and won the Miss Wasilla in 1984, we should probably pay attention. She often wears red and black – power colors indeed. Sometimes she wears her black women’s business suit with a colorful blouse to make it less dark, and sometimes she wears it just plain black. Both look good, it depends on the mood. However, wearing a bright colored blouse under he black suit jacket is a great way to brighten up a pant suit. Notice how in one of the photos she wears the red blouse folded under the suit jacket, and in the other photo she wears it with the blouse collar folded up and over the lapels of the jacket. There are many ways to wear a basic blouse with a business suit.                                  (Photo by Bob Butcher)

~ by careerfashion on September 5, 2008.

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