A Touch Of Lace With The Pant Suit

See the triangle of colored lace with this suit jacket? Barely noticable. But it’s there. Wearing a lace top in a contrasting color is an interesting way to enhance a classic pant suit. It’s an alternative to wearing a blouse or solid top. The texture of the lace lends a different feel to the suit, than the more common tops do. It’s almost like adding an accessory of sorts. Women’s business fashion has changed over the years, and you may not have seen people wearing a lace top with office outfits 20 years ago. But nowadays lace and other camis are ok, as long as you keep the jacket of the pant suit on the whole time. That goes for anything sleeveless.  The lace top shouldn’t over power the suit, you wear it so that just a little bit of it showes between the lapels – like a triangle. You don’t have to wear the classic career blouse every day – you can really change the look of the business suit by changing the top you wear with it. Add some variety to your professional wardrobe, by getting some new lace tops for in 3-4 different colors. (However, be careful with black lace because it can make you look like you’re wearing lingerie.)

Gray pant suit with burgondy lace top.

Above: A stylish neutral gray pant suit with a splash of burgundy lace showing between the lapels. It doesn’t draw your attention. It just adds an interesting accent. Below: A black power suit brightened up by a touch of blue lace. Black suits, in particular, can be given a different life with a bright, contrasting color.

Black power suit with blue lace top.

Black power suit with blue lace top.

~ by careerfashion on September 8, 2008.

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