Sarah Palin’s Suit Jackets


Sarah Palin must have a quite large closet. The peach, off white, and red suit jackets she is wearing here is a great example of how you can create different professional outfits with jackets, once you have a pair of good, professional black slacks or black skirt that fit your body type well. Looking at a photo like this, we may get ideas about what bright colored jackets we could go out and shop for to add to our business attire. But women should keep in mind that, though the suit jackets look great, the black power suit the foundation here. Then a classic white blouse is added to it. And last, the bright colored suit jackets are added to the wardrobe for mix and matching. See below how to put together a Sarah Palin suits wardrobe.

What to buy to make a killer professional wardrobe:

1. A black women’s business suit, that comes with both a skirt and pants. (If it doesn’t, then buy a black pant suit plus a separate black skirt that matches). (

2. A classic white blouse. This can be worn with almost any business suit, and always looks professional. (

3. Buy three different suit jackets that you can mix and match with the black pants and skirt from the first suit. (Get one suit jacket in a neutral color, and two in bright colors – red, for example is a great power color.) (

(photo credits: Agia Presser, Carlos Barria, Tom LeGro, Dana Edelson)

~ by careerfashion on September 21, 2008.

One Response to “Sarah Palin’s Suit Jackets”

  1. Thank you for the coverage on Sarah’s clothes. You guys did a great job!

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