Some Business Colors For Fall: Purple, Gray And Black

While scouting the mall today, I saw three things: purple, gray and black. In several stores I saw the same thing: business suits, fall jackets, dresses, slacks in these three colors. Even black boots, gray boots and purple boots. It’s only September, but we are seeing some business fashion for fall already.

When planning a professional wardrobe it is a good idea, in general, to stick to 3-4 colors that all go with each other. This way you’ll end up with work outfits that match, where you can change around the gray slacks with a purple blouse, a purple coat with a gray dress, black pants with purple suit jacket, etc. Always think about how you can mix and match things together when you shop. Don’t be afraid to put color in your business attire. You can use neutrals like black and gray power suits, then add one bright color to the outfits – like purple for example.

~ by careerfashion on September 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Some Business Colors For Fall: Purple, Gray And Black”

  1. Dear friend,

    Realy it is very useful post , Accept my sincere thanks and appreciation

    John Bill

  2. I love the purple/eggplant colors this season! I may get a maybe a button up shirt and a sweater in those colors.

    Thanks for posting the photos and tips!

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