Not Sure What To Buy? Ask A Fashion Expert!

Managing a wardrobe budget is not always easy. Knowin what you look good in helps. But spending money on the wrong or right things, can make or break your fashion budget for the year. If you end up with every single garment you buy, being a keeper that you wear and use over and over, then you have spent your money well. But for everytime you have a garment hanging in the wardrobe with the tags still on, consider that you may as well have set the money on fire. Add up the total cost of the bad purchases for the year and consider it potential vacation money down the drain.

It’s especially hard for professional women who have to wear business attire, or casual office outfits. The garments they buy are more expensive. Therefore, for the professional woman it is even more important that they get something that works with their body type, that can mix and match to create more than one outfit, and is appropriate for their particular work situation. If every single item you buy looks great on you, and gets used on many occations, then the money is well spent.

Free Fashion Advice

How do we accomplish that? Why not get some help from the fashion advice stylist at E-mail in your questions, and get some good fashion advice before you spend, to get the most out of your fashion budget:

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4 Responses to “Not Sure What To Buy? Ask A Fashion Expert!”

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  2. Where can I get tall sizes. I’m having a lot of problems with the dyes Eddie Bauer uses. Even following directions, the dark colors bleed and look like a tie dye job after a few washings. JCPenney talls look old and dowdy.

  3. For tall sizes, go into stores you like and try on clothes you like even if they are too tall for you. Write down the style numbers of the clothes you like, and then go on that store’s website. Many of the big stores carry the same clothes in tall and petite sizes on their on-line stores (but not in the physical stores, because all that merchandize takes up too much space in the store). And measure yourself and compare to their size chart before you order.
    For bleeding colors, try washing the clothes is COLD WATER only, and if that doesn’t work, then write to corporate and complain.

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