Long Necklaces – A Great Business Suit Accessory

This necklace adds pizzazz to a skirt suit.

                       To accessorize, or not to accessorize – that is the question. That is not exactly the question Hamlet was pondering, but that is the question many professional women deal with. And my answer is almost always – yes.
Long necklaces have been in style for a while and they can add quite some pizzazz to an otherwise traditional women’s pant suit. These two photos are of two different outfits with the same long necklace. First we have a black skirt suit with a gray satin top. Imagine it with the black suit jacket on. This long necklace with silver beads and onyx, completely changes the feel of the outfit.
In the second photo we have a casual office outfit with a cardigan and a white blouse. It would of course look good by itself…but it looks better with a long necklace. Sometimes accessories are almost as important as the clothes them selves.
(This necklace from Ann Taylor.)

~ by careerfashion on October 2, 2008.

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