Maximize The Suits And Blouses You Already Have

   Blue blouse. 

Do you usually wear the same suit with the same blouse? Or do you try different things? Take your business suits out of your closet and hang them on the door. The go through every single blouse and top you have, and mix and match any way you can. Go through them all, test every blouse and top, with every suit. This way you may discover some new combinations you didn’t know you had. Creating a good professional image is not just about shopping right – it’s also about maximizing what you already have in your business wardrobe. You may discover an office outfit you hadn’t thought of putting together before. These four photos are all the same gray suit jacket with different blouses. The white blouse is the most basic and classic, but from there go ahead and add colored blouses. And why not a lace top? That gives a whole different feel to a woman’s business suit.

~ by careerfashion on October 4, 2008.

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