Sarah Palin And Her Shoes


Enough about Sarah Palin suits – what about her shoes? Is anyone really paying attention to her feet? Well, I had a look and discovered quite an array of shoe wear. She doesn’t only stick the basic black high heel, but also wears a surprising amount of red shoes. The plain red high-heeled shoes that she wears in the photo below with her daughter, is a great mate to the basic black. A black business suit with red pumps makes a great contrast.

The dark gray high-heeled shoe, lined with a thin stripe of black accent, is really great for business attire. It can go with almost every thing, and looks very formal. However, those sandals she wears – the red sandals, and the black and white sandals, are not formal at all. But she pulls the sandal look off quite well with her skirt suits. Some real estate agents I know wear sandals like that with their professional attire, because they have to take their shoes off a lot when they show a home.

Then we have the black medium heel shoes, with the buckle on the front, that she wears with the brown business suit below. If you look closely at the close-up photo of that shoe, you can see that it’s actually a sling back. In an earlier blog post about shoes I wrote that sling backs weren’t appropriate for office outfits, I guess that trend has changed now.

My personal favorite is her red high heel open toe shoes, with the buckle in front. They are imitation snake skin in patent leather, and worn with that black skirt, they make a major fashion statement if I ever saw one.

So, apparently there are very few rules on what pumps can be worn with the Sarah Palin suit. Hope this gives you some ideas of what shoes to add to your professional wardrobe. What I’d really like to see is Sarah Palin in some animal print shoes! Please comment on which of her shoes do you like the best.


~ by careerfashion on October 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin And Her Shoes”

  1. I love the dark red heels behind the podium. Any ideas who the designer is.?

  2. They are Kate Spade…

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