What Comes After The Black Power Suit?

Beyond the black business suit.

Beyond the black business suit.

What do you do once you have acquired the black power suit? Well, the black business suit is a basic foundation in the standard professional wardrobe. And for a reason – it always looks good. Black is considered a power color, but what do you buy next?
A good second color is gray. It’s neutral, easy to match with things, and the gray suit jacket can be worn with the slacks from the black pant suit to re-combine into a “new suit”. There are a few different shades of gray – bluish gray, greenish gray, brownish gray, etc. – so compare a few different once and make sure you get a shade of gray that you like.
Then you can get suit jackets in black and white. But not with matching pants, that would be too much – wear the black and white blazer with black pants.
And last but not least, get a couple of fresh crisp white blouses for your wardrobe. It goes with almost any suit, and greatly enhances your professional image. They are timeless. Find good quality white blouses at BasicBlouse.com

~ by careerfashion on October 12, 2008.

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