Accessorize With Red Shoes And Red Purse


Changing the accessories can make a women’s business suit look like a completely different suit.  The purse is actually part of the outfit as much as the shoes are. If you already have black shoes and black purses, then build sets of accessories in colors. The word in emphasis here is “set”. When I see a pair of shoes in a color I like, I look for a purse and other things to accessorize my suit with, that all go together – shoes, purse, and perhaps scarves, belts, necklaces, bracelets earrings. It’s best to buy all the accessories in the same trip, at the same mall (if possible) because then you have them all together as a complete set, ready to go.

If you have three completely different sets to accessorize your business suit with, then you can wear the same office outfit three times, and make it look like they are 3 different outfits. A stylish purse can add good flair to your professional wardrobe. Accessorize your business suit with items that suit your personality, and add to your professional image. If you are buying your business attire on a budget, then spend most of the money on a quality suit, and less money on the accessories. You can find things that enhance your look on sale – if the accessories match are combines well and look good together, it doesn’t matter much that they didn’t cost as much as the suit.

A set should have at least 3, but not more than 6, matching items in it. For example:

1. Shoes, purse, necklace, and perhaps also a bracelet and a belt.

2. Shoes, scarf, belt, and perhaps also a bracelet and earrings.

3. Shoes, purse, belt, and perhaps also a necklace.

~ by careerfashion on October 22, 2008.

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