3 Professional Image Ideas For Gray Business Suits


A gray business suit can give a professional woman a very confident image. Compare these three examples of gray suits and get ideas for what styles you can create for yourself.

In the first photo the suit is worn with a very bright and contrasting top. This orange turtleneck top makes a statement of it’s own. If you feel that the gray color of the suit doesn’t enhance your skin tone, then this is a good way to put together the outfit – simply wear a top that you know is a good color for you very close to your face.

The second photo has a gray pant suit where the top is almost invisible. The business suit itself is the entire statement. The burgundy top underneath actually functions more like a subtle accessory, rather than a garment. Also the necklace for this suit is very subtle.

The third photo is a gray skirt suit. Some professional women just prefer skirts. This suit has black accentuated details that give it style, and therefore doesn’t really have to be added to or accessorized much. However, if a skirt suit, in particular, is completely plain, then accessories are very important (plain skirt suits can make you look like a flight attendant, if they have no detailing or accessories).

~ by careerfashion on November 25, 2008.

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