Tips For Accessorizing Suits With Leopard Prints


How is this for an expression? Spend a little time searching for a coat for your professional wardrobe that is a little bit out of the ordinary, like this leopard print coat. Then pick out a pair of leopard print shoes to complete the theme, for example a pair of sling back pinty toes. This is an expressive way to build on your business suits. This leopard coat is worn with the faithful black slacks, and a classy top that matches one of the brown tones in the coat.

When you wear animal print shoes or clothes, it is easier if you first pick out the animal print item, and then after that match up one of the brown tones among the leopard spots when you select tops and the rest of the items. When you look at this outfits, it is the leopard coat and shoes that strikes you the most, however, the fact that the top matches so well with one of the brown tones in the animal print is what makes the whole impression complete. That is what makes it look classy, instead of just loud. The proffessional wardrobe needs to have both reliable basics, plus a few out of the ordinary items that suit your individual fashion personality.

~ by careerfashion on November 30, 2008.

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