Sweaters With Skirts For Office Outfits

sweater-with-skirt pink-sweater-with-gray-skirt gray-sweater-with-black-skirt black-sweater-with-gray-skirt

As the snow descends on us we ought to bundle up in the office. The malls are full of sweaters, but don’t select one for comfort alone – pick out a sweater that is warm, but also gives your body a nice fit. You may as well get a sweater that looks good with your office outfits, as well as keeps you warm. If it’s too bulky, it doesn’t fit in with your professional wardrobe. And why not accessorize it with a  necklace. Wear the skirts you wear the rest of the year, just with thicker stockings, and choose a sweater that looks chic with it, not bulky.

To avoid bulk, get sweaters with as much wool content as possible (at least 70% wool). Or cashmere. If the sweater is made of wool or cashmere, it will keep you warm, even if it isn’t super thick. If it is thin, you can also wear it under a business suit, without it looking bulky. Don’t buy sweaters made of 100% cotton or 100% acrylic. The cotton sweaters look bad after just a few washes, and they aren’t that warm anyway. And acrylic will inevitably accumulate fuzz balls in short order. Stay way from acrylic sweaters, no matter how pretty they are, because they will get fuzz balls pretty soon (unless it’s a 60/40 acrylic blend with wool or cashmere).

When you wash them, remember that wool shrinks and must be washed in cold water. Don’t ever wring a sweater – gently squeeze out the water without wringing, and lay them flat to dry on a towel on the bathroom floor. If you put sweaters through the washer, use a very gentle cycle. The dryer will usually shrink them. Hand wash or dry-cleaning is best.

~ by careerfashion on December 8, 2008.

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