Jewelry To Make Your Suit More You

Some of us love our suits, but some women feel restricted by having to wear a business suit every day. To some, business attire feels confining. And if so, a great way to express your own individual style is with jewelry. There are very few fashion rules that apply to jewelry – your neck, earlobes and wrist is pretty much an open and free canvas where you can say what’s on your mind. Stick with your professional wardrobe if you must, but accessorize your business suit with a unique piece of jewelry that reflects YOUR personality. I had the pleasure to meet a few San Francisco jewelry designers at recent eWomen and NAWBO events, and here is some of there work you might want to ask Santa for:


Express yourself with a bold crocheted cuff bracelet, by Keren.


Make you suit jacket pop with an elaborate floral silver necklace, by Liza Sonia.


Add some spunk to you office outfit with swirly earrings, by Kris Nations.


Keep nature close to your heart with a real oak leaf plated with real gold, Anna Yee.

~ by careerfashion on December 15, 2008.

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