Suit Changed Into Holiday Party Outfit

sleveless-blue-top-with-white-pants white-suit-jacket

What to wear for a holiday office party? Wear your business suit with a fancy party top underneath to the office, then change for the party simply by taking your suit jacket off, and adding some more jewelry. This way you stay within the business attire look during the day, without having to bring an extra set of clothes to work, to change into for an office holiday party. Instead wear a dressy, fancy top under your business suit. Just remember to keep the jacket on the whole time during the day – especially if it’s a sleeveless top, otherwise it would be too casual for the office. When it’s time for the party, go to the restroom and take the jacket off, put on some dressy jewelry, and redo your make-up for an evening out. And if you have room in your bag, you can also bring a pair of dressy shoes or sandals to change into.

Holiday Office Party Wardrobe Plan:

Bring in your purse 1) dressy jewelry, 2) evening make-up, 3) dressy shoes or sandals. Buy a couple of dressy party tops for your professional wardrobe, that you can wear under a business suit.


~ by careerfashion on December 15, 2008.

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