Rebecca Romijn In Winter Coat

rebecca-romijn-coat gray-coat plad-coat

This stylish coat keeps Rebecca Romijn warm, but she might not be going out a lot now that she just delivered baby twins. Rebecca chose a coat that is warm, but that still has a flattering cut. I think she needs to accessorize that coat with a scarf though, for the kind of weather we’ve been having this month. Staying warm and stylish at the same time can be a trick. If you select the right coat and scarf that fits your body type well and still keeps you warm, you could keep it for more than one seasons (if you find a good one, make sure you dry-clean it and take good care of it for extra mileage). And when you try in coats, try it on with your business suit under neath, if that’s what you usually wear for work clothes.

When you shop for a winter  coat, look at the general out line – the silhouette – of the coat, before looking at details. The gray wool coat in the middle has an out line that is the same general style as Rebecca Romijn’s coat, though it has less details. The brown plaid coat on the right would give a good silhouette to a woman with a shorter frame.

~ by careerfashion on January 6, 2009.

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