What Tops To Wear With Gray Business Suits

gray-suit-jacket-purple-top gray-pant-suit-pink-topgray-suit-jacket-white-pants-1

These classic gray women’s business suits are brightened up with tops in bold colors, like pink and purple. Contrasting a gray suit jacket with a top in a bright color, like purple, is a great way to lift your mood if you are in a funk. You might cheer people up in the office with this type of work outfit. Pink and purple tops work well if the gray suit has an undertone of blue in the gray, but if the gray has an undertone of green, it might not. Match up the top with your business suit in the day light, if possible.

~ by careerfashion on January 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “What Tops To Wear With Gray Business Suits”

  1. ok i think maybe you could have lots or just a few more differnt colors with that and maybe some darker gray

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