Seam Details On Business Suits

It’s fruitful to pay attention to details as you stroll by the clothing racks in the stores. While hastily browsing through what I thought was a row of conventional business suits the other day, I noticed some amazing details on these skirts, pants and suit jackets. These images are of business suits made be English designer Karen Millen. She never sticks to traditional when she creates suits.


Notice the stitching on the pocket detail.

This gray skirt has a lot of design detail on the pocket flaps below the waist band, and also on the flaired part at the bottom. It came with a matching gray suit jacket, but can also be mix and matched with black jackets.karen-millen-beige-skirt-suit1
This is a close up of the hem of a beige skirt that came with a matching jacket. Notice the black lace at the edge. Design details like this makes a big difference in your professional wardrobe. This skirt can also be mix and matched with a black suit jacket.

~ by careerfashion on January 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Seam Details On Business Suits”

  1. Ok, I love your blog…

    Have a few questions, not sure if you’ve written about it in the past, but two things.

    1 – What do you think about the oxford shoe? It’s like a heel with a closed shoe/bootie hybrid.

    2- Now this is wierd, dumb question: Gray suit jacket. Will it go with a black skirt/pant? Have you ever seen it work? Closer to light/medium gray than dark gray. Yeeeah, might not work… but any ideas on what to pair a simple gray suit jacket with? Other than a matching gray skirt/pant?

    please continue the great posts!

    • 1 – Yes, that shoe/bootie hybrid goes well with professional clothes.
      2 – Yes – a gray suit jacket usually is a good way to mix and match suit separates, the only problem would be if the gray has brownish sun hues to it. But regular gray is good. Another option is gray jacket with white pants (I have been seeing SO many white pants in the stores lately, despite the season).

  2. Sorry, should point out that in that mess of links in my previous post reply, there are two links…. the first to demonstrate a popular version of the “oxford” shoe, and the second link to shoe an array of shoes…many of them a different variation of the oxford. Closed in shoe/bootie hybrid with heel.

  3. If I am wearing a skirt, whether it be long or short, are heals the only professional option? How can I give my feet a break and sometimes wear flats and still pull it off?

  4. You can wear boots. That’s what I do.

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