Incorporating White in Your Professional Wardrobe

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By Danielle Gonzalez

Updating an office outfit can be as simple as adding a little white to give your business attire some pop.  White on black especially adds a modern and polished tone to any ensemble. To spice up the classic black suit, a crisp white blouse underneath always does the trick, but to give the woman’s business suit some flair, go for an off white silk, it’s unexpected glamour adds a soft femininity.  A dress with a bold white on black pattern is mature and fresh, paired with a black cardigan and black pumps makes its an understated power outfit.  And don’t forget about the white or creme jacket.  A long coat is more appropriate for dressier occasions and seen during the evening, but a cropped white jacket can be paired with any classic or trendy look in your professional wardrobe.  Even white accessories such as a purse, jewelry, or scarf gives a striking impression that is impossible to ignore in its intensity.

Look at right from The Limited

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2 Responses to “Incorporating White in Your Professional Wardrobe”

  1. i loved this advice! i, myself am a notorious “black-weaer”. but no one asks if you are on your way to a funeral if you ae able to punch it up with white!!! This way I still have the confidence that the black gives me while keeping it fresh and interesting, Thanks!!!

  2. Glad be of help, I wrote the article after reviewing my obsession with an all black wardrobe as well. Just because black is dark needn’t mean it isn’t fun or youthful.

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