Getting Your Spring Work Wardrobe Ready

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By Danielle Gonzalez

With Winter receding to the warmth of Spring, it can be a challenge to bring the brightness of the season into the still chilly climate.  By mixing a few basic winter pieces with essential feminine spring items, the look is effortless and flirty.  The dark colored items of fall accent the brightness of the season in a mature way for all business attire.  For casual work clothes grab the long button up cardigan that was your winter favorite and pair it with an airy patterned spring dress.   For a work outfit that goes from day to night without changing one detail, a colorful dress or skirt with the staple black trench, is polished and strong wherever you go. Getting ready for spring doesn’t mean putting away your winter wardrobe, it simply means incorporating it with your colorful and patterned spring pieces.

Clothing from The Limited

~ by careerfashion on February 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Getting Your Spring Work Wardrobe Ready”

  1. This is very helpful. Any tips on at-home mom’s running errands…

  2. No problem! I’ll go ahead and write my next article about that! That’s a big need, but not one that gets a whole lot of attention.

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