What Are The Right Nylons For Your Suit?



Be original with your nylons and stockings. Individualize your professional wardrobe by selecting textured nylons and stockings. All professional women don’t have to wear the same plain nylons, choose some that express your own style. Consider it as another way to accessorize your business suit. For pant suits you can wear pretty much any design as long as it doesn’t clash with the color of the shoe or the slacks; the nylons don’t have to match exactly, but they shouldn’t be in a color that breaks off too much or draws attention. For skirt suits, stay away from bold patterns like the big floral designs and choose some nylons that have a very subtle, yet interesting pattern. The idea is not to draw attention to the textured nylons so that they stand out, but to add something to the complete look of your business suit that expresses your own fashion style. If you must follow corporate dress code, you won’t get around wearing a woman’s business suit, but you should personalize that suit and make it your own.

~ by careerfashion on February 22, 2009.

One Response to “What Are The Right Nylons For Your Suit?”

  1. Dark colored nylons or pantyhose are best for appling for a job or at a job interview.

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