Ideas For What To Wear With White Pants

Having a favorite pair of white pants that fit you well, makes getting dressed for work easy. It’s those comfortable, tried and true pants that form the base for our work outfits. But they seldom get much attention – it’s usually the blouse or the top that gets the attention. So what do we wear with white pants for our office outfits? Here below are some examples of work clothes with white pants:

white pants with yellow top white pants with gray jacket green top, brown jacket, white pants spring colors 3 (2)

~ by careerfashion on May 29, 2009.

One Response to “Ideas For What To Wear With White Pants”

  1. I swear to you that the Earth knows when I am going to wear white pants. I love the clean look, but the Earth finds some way to leave it’s mark on my white pants. Grass stain, mud on the leg or bird poop on the bench. Sigh!

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