This blog was created by Johanna Magnusson, owner of BasicBlouse.com, as an outlet write about fashion ideas as it applies to business women. Professional attire can often make women feel a bit restricted, and the purpose of this blog is to help professional women express them selves with the art form of fashion, even though having to maintain business dress code. We don’t all have to wear the same suit – there is more room to express one’s individuality and personal style in the business world than one may think. It just takes a little clever planning. 

Women’s business fashion is sort of like jazz – first learn the rules, then break them creatively.

There will be other contributors to this blog in the future.

One Response to “About”

  1. Hello! I stumbled across your blog searching for necklaces suitable for business attire and I love it! Would you consider using a tad bit larger font though? I’m struggling to read the fine prints! Keep them coming. Nice work!

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