Sweater Dress For Your Work Outfit

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 Splendid Cowl neck sweater

By: Danielle Gonzalez


Wearing a dress to as a casual work outfit is a timeless tradition that never goes out of style, it’s feminine and classic.  While the weather is still cold a sweater dress can be a perfect fit due to the warmth that it creates and the ease of accessorizing.  However, the sweater dress can automatically become too casual an office outfit for the workplace because of the large use of knit fabric which can be bulky and shapeless.  To keep the look clean cut, black nylons quickly do the trick to avoiding exposing too much skin and keep you warm while it’s still cold out. To avoid the bulk, a thick belt in a different color adds an hourglass figure; a patent leather belt adds a touch of youth and sex appeal.  For a more mature finish; ballet flats, an imprinted patent belt, and a strong bracelet are an easy way to round off a simple, comfortable and casual work ensemble. 


Dresses by: Chadwicks and Net-A-Porter.


A Spring Suit To Suit You

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By: Danielle Gonzalez


When looking in a woman’s closet, most likely, it is filled with black; black sweaters, black blouses, black dresses, and black suits.  And though black does go with nearly everything and is a simple solution to most wardrobe questions, adding a couple colorful suits is a fresh way to add dimension and more outfit choices to mix and match with your professional wardrobe.  Shades of red are always a popular choice for business suits in the spring, don’t be afraid to find the right tone for you; coral, pink, and even peach are soft colors with a lot of professional appeal.  Navy is common also in the spring,  and should you be more daring, a softer blue can also be a lovely choice for a young woman.  But if you are more conservative when it comes to suiting colors, grey tones in tweed are an excellent choice.  When it comes to colorful women’s suits, make sure that you’re picking strong shoes in a color at least two shades darker than the suit, the idea is to look bold, not matchie-matchie. 

These suits from: Chadwicks and Barry Pace

What Are The Right Nylons For Your Suit?

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Be original with your nylons and stockings. Individualize your professional wardrobe by selecting textured nylons and stockings. All professional women don’t have to wear the same plain nylons, choose some that express your own style. Consider it as another way to accessorize your business suit. For pant suits you can wear pretty much any design as long as it doesn’t clash with the color of the shoe or the slacks; the nylons don’t have to match exactly, but they shouldn’t be in a color that breaks off too much or draws attention. For skirt suits, stay away from bold patterns like the big floral designs and choose some nylons that have a very subtle, yet interesting pattern. The idea is not to draw attention to the textured nylons so that they stand out, but to add something to the complete look of your business suit that expresses your own fashion style. If you must follow corporate dress code, you won’t get around wearing a woman’s business suit, but you should personalize that suit and make it your own.

Getting Your Spring Work Wardrobe Ready

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dg2009feb15pastedgraphic1 dg2009feb15pastedgraphic2 

By Danielle Gonzalez

With Winter receding to the warmth of Spring, it can be a challenge to bring the brightness of the season into the still chilly climate.  By mixing a few basic winter pieces with essential feminine spring items, the look is effortless and flirty.  The dark colored items of fall accent the brightness of the season in a mature way for all business attire.  For casual work clothes grab the long button up cardigan that was your winter favorite and pair it with an airy patterned spring dress.   For a work outfit that goes from day to night without changing one detail, a colorful dress or skirt with the staple black trench, is polished and strong wherever you go. Getting ready for spring doesn’t mean putting away your winter wardrobe, it simply means incorporating it with your colorful and patterned spring pieces.

Clothing from The Limited

Accessorize A Black Suit Jacket With Stunning Necklace

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Tyra Banks in black blazer and necklace

By Danielle Gonzalez

When it comes to jewelry accesorizing many women are of the school of thought “Less is More”. And in some instances, this idea is a good standby, especially when wearing a work outfit that is very intricate and detailed. You want your outfit to have a theme, to make a particular statement, and too much of even great jewelry can take away from the look. But in most cases, more jewelry is simply that: more! Don’t be afraid to stand out with some eclectic and big jewelry, even costume jewelry is hugely popular in all social spheres. When trying to add on to a conservative professional wardrobe, oversized jewelry is a fast and fun way to instantly add drama to an otherwise blah look.

Tyra Banks showcased (at the President’s Inaugural Ball January 20) that a plain black blazer can become a wonderful frame for interesting and eye catching jewelry. And throw the notion that the items much match each other perfectly out the window; it’s all about pairing differing colors and shapes. It keeps the look fresh and youthful to go for something unexpected, like pearl and silver chains, gemstones and colorful beads, and even adding silver and gold together. Going a little overboard with jewelry while keeping the rest of your business attire subdued adds that extra “oomph” to any look!

Kara Ross New York, LLC
http://www.kararossny.com/press/celebrities.html REUTERS/Mitch Dumke

Mix And Match Business Suit Separates

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dscn3036-2 dscn3035-2

By Danielle Gonzalez

In the ever present quest for appropriate work attire, it is an eventuality that some days will not include the omnipresent black power suit.   However dear shopper, this need give you no extra burden of stress; women’s business suits are leaving the popular arena in favor of something more individualistic, giving  each woman the opportunity to express herself in a more unique way.  And though this new development does mean you have the opportunity to spread your wardrobes wings and really get creative with your day to day outfits, there are a few guidelines along the way to keep your look polished and effortlessly chic.

Should you be more conservative in your buisness attire, now is a wonderful opportunity to mix and match suit separates for a vibrant and fresh take – don’t be afraid to pair that white blazer that only comes out in summer with your favorite fall wear navy slacks.  Multiple colors and textures appear creative, just be sure to keep it under  2 bright patterns to avoiding looking like a kaleidoscope.  Also, layers are essential to keeping the look sophisticated: camisoles, cardigans, sweaters, belts, and even t-shirts can all be implemented to add depth to an otherwise boring look.

Always remember; casual work clothes can mean items bought on the cheap, but it doesn’t mean it suddenly doesn’t need to fit. No matter how good the sale! And as a general rule, you want to be casual enough to be comfortable, but pulled together enough to still be appropriate should your boss’ boss call together an impromptu meeting.

Incorporating White in Your Professional Wardrobe

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dg2009feb15pastedgraphic3 dg2009feb15pastedgraphic4 dg2009feb15pastedgraphic5 dg2009feb15pastedgraphic6

By Danielle Gonzalez

Updating an office outfit can be as simple as adding a little white to give your business attire some pop.  White on black especially adds a modern and polished tone to any ensemble. To spice up the classic black suit, a crisp white blouse underneath always does the trick, but to give the woman’s business suit some flair, go for an off white silk, it’s unexpected glamour adds a soft femininity.  A dress with a bold white on black pattern is mature and fresh, paired with a black cardigan and black pumps makes its an understated power outfit.  And don’t forget about the white or creme jacket.  A long coat is more appropriate for dressier occasions and seen during the evening, but a cropped white jacket can be paired with any classic or trendy look in your professional wardrobe.  Even white accessories such as a purse, jewelry, or scarf gives a striking impression that is impossible to ignore in its intensity.

Look at right from The Limited