How Do We Know Where Fur Coats Come From?

The fur coat is a fashion of the past.

The fur coat is a fashion of the past.

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today’s woman wears faux fur coats.

How do we know where the fur comes from? The globalization of fur trade makes it very hard to know were the actual fur itself was taken. A fur garment (or other fur product) may have a label that says “Made In France” or some other European country, but the fashion houses who manufactured that garment may not know themselves exactly where the fur they bought came from. Furs are sold through international auction houses and distributed to manufacturers around the world, who make them into pretty coats and jackets to be bought by unknowing fashionistas. An undercover reporter recently discovered fur farms in China where animals like mink, rabbit, fox, raccoon, – even cats and dogs, are bludgeoned in the head with steal rods almost killing them. I thought this was an exaggeration until I saw this video myself from PETA. If you have the stomach to see animals being skinned alive while their legs are still kicking, then click here. The animal still breaths, blinks and moves it’s head for a few minutes, while laying skinless and bloody on a pile. More than half of the furs sold as finished fur coats and jackets in the US come from Chinese fur farms were there are no regulations.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you see a woman walking down the street in a fur coat, don’t attack her coat with spray paint like they do in San Francisco. Chances are that neither she, nor the sales clerk who sold her the coat are aware of what goes on in those fur farms. Instead, appraoch her and say: “Excuse me miss, how can you be sure where that fur comes from?” But do approach her, and do say something. Emphasize that it’s not about where the coat was made, but where the fur itself comes from. If you have a fur coat in your wardrobe that you are a sure wasn’t made with animal cruelty – still don’t wear it. If you wear it, other women may see it and get inspired to go buy their own fur coat. By wearing any fur garment, even if you are certain it doesn’t come from an unregulated fur farm, you contribute to setting a fashion trend – and that can cause others to purchase fur garments whose origin it is impossible to track. The consumers have power! Dress yourself up in stylish faux fur coats instead.

The above faux fur coats from:



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4 Responses to “How Do We Know Where Fur Coats Come From?”

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  2. PETA more than likely had that live-skinning especially staged for their propaganda efforts. Noone in their right mind would skin a fur-bearer alive. It doesn’t even make sense to a THINKING person. So much anti-fur propaganda says on one hand that the animals are skinned alive and then says that they are drowned, gassed, etc. The animals on fur farms in western countries are put down by veterinarian approved methods. Until that time they are fed and kept healthy with veterinary care. To do less would yield a damaged, unsalable product. To answer the question, most pelts sold by stores in western countries come raw from fur farms in western countries because the quality is higher. The raw pelts may be processed into coats in China, but the raw pelts from Chinese fur farms are of such poor quality they are unsalable in the west and are primarilly used for the domestic Chinese market. If animal “rights” activist hadn’t been so short-sighted and pushed for the closure of fur farms in parts of the EU where care was up to standard, perhaps China would not have been able to fill the niche. Additionally, those businesses, jobs, and tax revenues would have remained in the west. When one considers these factors as well as the “liberations” from fur farms which have devistated local wildlife and the urgings to wear faux fur which is made of petrochemicals, which are more needed for our transportation and industry than clothing, it seems that animal “rights” activists are the worst enemies the animals have! Wear fur without guilt.

  3. If you see a woman walking down the street in a fur coat LEAVE HER ALONE AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! I’d like to see you try to accost a bad-assed “gangsta-rapper” over his fur and a Hell’s Angel or a rugged, bare-knuckled cowboy over their leather or shearling jackets! You need to grow up and get a job and a life of your own! Stop mooning over something that you probably really want (a fur coat) but are begrudging it to everyone else because YOU can’t buy one and are therefore disguising this envy as concern for animals! The fur coat IS NOT a fashion of the past! It is a timeless staple which lasts for generations if well cared for! Buy yourself a REAL fur coat and stop squandering our precious oil resources on fakes. If you purchased REAL fur, maybe we wouldn’t have to spend so much money at the gas pump!

  4. Vaselisa, you are one dumb bitch.

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