What To Wear With White Pants

red-jacket-white-pants-black-and-white-top gray-jacket-white-pants1 white-pants-with-gray-blouse

Here are some ideas on how to create work outfits with white pants (without using the obvious white suit jacket). First we have a casual, cute outfit, with a tomato red jacket over a black and white print top. That outfit could work very well with a black jacket, but the red adds some spunk. This outfit would be good for casual work clothes. Second we have a very formal business outfit, with a pair of flowy white dress slacks and a light gray plaid blazer. The gray blazer has a very slight shine to it, which makes it look even more formal. This is a good business attire combination to have in addition to the other matching formal suits in your professional wardrobe. The third pair of white slacks are worn with a simple gray blouse, that has a light luster to the fabric which makes it look more dressy. This work outfit could pass for either business casual, or professional business attire depending on what type of black suit jacket is put with it.

~ by careerfashion on January 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “What To Wear With White Pants”

  1. more colors could be add or more a variety of shirts

  2. In winter,you normally wear darker colors (blacks,browns,etc).In summer you wear brighter colors (oranges,pinks,yellows).That’s why during different seasons of the year, you see those colors of that particular season in stores. Notice now that it’s winter, there are darker colors in stores. However, if you’re not big into fashion like many people, you can wear whatever you wish.

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